SAP hr Classes in Pune

SAP HR Classes in Pune

SAP HR plays a vital role in managing all the processes of Human Resource Management in an organisation. Keeping the records of the employees from hiring till its final termination in an organisation and also maintaining salary details ,designation, working shifts ,role and so on is managed by SAP HR.

Our SAP HR Training Institute provides  the necessary skills that will help in performing HR functions personnel files ,compliance, payroll, and benefits administration. We provide best SAP HR classes with our experienced professionals. We provide you with a good opportunity to work on our real-world projects and help you the same with the knowledge and experience of  working as an employee in a company.We also shape your skills according to the needs and wants of what the company is looking for. You will be able to learn and at the same time gain the experience of working environment of the company. We provide course certification after the completion of this training.

SAP HR deals with managing people in a business organization .Our SAP HR training contains modules that are integrated with each other. The main modules are the Payroll and Time Management modules.Payroll module is concerned with generating and managing payrolls and Time Management is concerned with managing time for time-sensitive jobs.

The key modules  of SAP HR training are as follows :

1.  Organizational Management − It includes Personnel development, Personnel cost planning,event management and helps in analysing the organization plans and  managing the enterprise structure .

The important features in organizational management are

  • Configure system settings that are required for enterprise structure, personnel cost planning, etc.
  • Various organization plans can be configured at the same time by defining a  plan version.
  • Organizational current plan is defined by only one plan version.
  •   It allows to edit, change or compare different organization plans using plan version.
  • It provides  two different plan versions, one for marketing and the other one for sales hierarchy.
  • Both the plans can be compared and edited but only one plan can be used at a time.

2.  Time ManagementSAP HR Time management includes time recording, attendance, time schedule, shift management, etc. It is used by employees for time tracking and management across departments. Time management  is necessary to maintain time along with the work performed which helps an organization to calculate profit and loss, human costs, track time booking in a project, etc.

The key features of SAP HR Time management are the following−

  • Monitoring Human Costs as per time booking for a project.
  • Processing the progress of documents.
  • Processing of Invoices.
  • Records External Employees’ Services.
  • Maintaining Planning and Progress.
  • Confirms Service Management Orders.
  • Collects Data Plans and Sheets.

The benefits or tasks that are performed are as follows −

  • Time Recording and Evaluation.
  • Negative & Positive Time Recording.
  • Work schedules & work schedules Rules.
  • Public holiday Calendar.
  • Attendance Absences.
  • Shift Management in HR.
  • Overtime and Breaks Schedules under Time Management.

       3.Personnel Administration – It consists of  personal and organizational structure, Infotypes, integration with time and payroll, etc. It consists of many individual pieces of information that are stored, updated and managed for each employee in HR systemSAP HR Personnel Administration is needed to manage personnel data related to tasks in HR system.

·          Various  Infotypes that can be used for Personnel Administration are as follows.

  •   Organization Management Infotypes
  • Time Management Infotypes
  •  Recruitment Infotypes
4.Payroll − It is one of the key components in SAP HR module and it is used to process payroll types, payroll group configuration, primary and secondary wages, gross pay, bonus and payroll of employees in an organization.
  Important features of payroll are as follows −
  •       Integration of payroll with Personnel administration, time management, wages and accounting and use of master data  and other payroll related data from Personnel Administration.
  •   Payroll includes time data from Time Management and is used during the payroll run.
  •  Incentive Wages component is used to process payroll directly.
5.  RecruitmentSAP HR Recruitment includes hiring an employee, maintaining HR master data, etc. This will open up innovative ways of recruitment processes in an organization.
6.Training and Event Management – It deals with identifying training needs, scheduling training, training cost management, etc.

7.Travel Management − Travel Management includes managing official trips, cost management for travel, travel expenses, etc.  

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why you should join SAP HR classes

for students

  • There are huge openings in Market for SAP
  • You can start earning immediately   after completion of course

for professionals

  • Polishes your skills to perform HR functions better
  •  Manage Organization Processes smoothly

for business

  • Proper management of Business
  • Better management of customer relationships

after completion of course your designation will be

  • Manager
  • SAP Senior Executive
  • SAP Executive
  • SAP Trainee
  • SAP Programmer
  • SAP HR
  • SAP Personnel Administration
  • Digital Marketting Analyst
  • Digital Marketting Executive
  • SEO Executive
  • SMO Executive
  • Assistant Manager

responsibilities of SAP HR

  • Understand the business process of the client and then map it in SAP to accomodate those business processes.
  • Keep the system configuration in the area of HR PY and TM up to date as per business requirements and legislation
  •  Request system enhancements – SAP System configuration
  • Lead required system testing in the area of responsibility: plan, coordinate/conduct testing and create clear testing documentation
  • Monitor operation of SAP technical components (batch jobs, interfaces, messaging, etc.)
  • Define new or use existing system health check procedures, train responsible users in Business, and control execution. Raise any improvement needs for systems or processes
  • Support users by resolving system/process issues; prioritize them and follow-up on timely resolution
  • Proactively address all risks and potential issues, escalate issues according to the agreed procedures
  • Develop business expertise in area of responsibility, share knowledge with other team members, and users, and constantly gain new knowledge in area of expertise


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  • 7+ Years of Experience Trained more than 3000+ Students.
  • Work Experience- Handled More than 200+ Projects with E-commerce Business.

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SAP Classes in Pune
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SAP Classes in Pune
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SAP Classes in Pune | SAP Courses in Pune
SAP Classes in Pune | SAP Courses in Pune
SAP Classes in Pune | SAP Courses in Pune
SAP Classes in Pune | SAP Courses in Pune
SAP Classes in Pune | SAP Courses in Pune
SAP Classes in Pune | SAP Courses in Pune
SAP Classes in Pune | SAP Courses in Pune
SAP Classes in Pune | SAP Courses in Pune